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We are passionate about Flowers, Décor and Gifting

Our Specialised Services

We offer a wide range of natural and artificial flowers, as part of our standard offering as well as our bespoke bouquets.

Funeral Décor

Our selection of Funeral Décor is carefully selected and curated around the special requirements of the bereaved family. Our decorations are designed for the funeral industry as well as individuals

Wedding & Event Décor

Celebrate your happy occasions with our stylish and glamourous range of commemorative decorations. Our ingenious Event Management Team is here to ensure that your Special Occasions are memorable and stress-free.

Custom Bouquets & Gift Sets

Look no further than our truly remarkable floral arrangements to celebrate any occasions. We provide bespoke and custom curated bouquets and gift sets that will melt the hearts of your loved one.

Here's to finding your trusted florist & décor artist

Welcome to Amahle Florists, we are passionate about flowers and decorative flower arrangements. We are proudly South African and would love to brighten your day with our graceful blossoms. We deliver nationally and cross border into our neighbouring countries.

Our arrangements speak to every occasion, are for every season, and brings sparkle to every situation. It is our creativity and passion, that sets us apart. Our flower arrangements are designed around your event requirements and emotional sentiments. In addition, we offer a standard range of bouquets that are beaming with freshness and aroma and ready for delivery. We passionately build and distribute our bespoke and standard flower decorations, to your satisfaction.

Our Awesome Collections

We want to create spectacular arrangements that will forever be remembered whilst they are in bloom. We arrange different types of seasonal flowers.

Coffin Spray

Single Tray – R450
Double Tray – R900
Triple Tray – R1200

Heart Shaped Wreath

38cm x 25cm – R350
45cm x 25cm* – R450
60cm x 70cm – R1200


Ring Wreath

30cm* – R350
45cm* – R450
60cm* – R850


Altar Wreath

Single Tray – R450

Upright Wreath

Small – R350
Medium – R550
Large – R650

Pillar Posy

Small Vase – R450
Medium Vase – R600
Large Vase – R800

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