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Our Fabulous Collection

We create uniquely beautiful floral arrangements for all seasons

Our Awesome Collections

We want to create spectacular arrangements that will forever be remembered whilst they are in bloom. These beautiful flowers are suitable arranged to your taste…

Coffin Spray

Single Tray – R450
Double Tray – R900
Triple Tray – R1200

Heart Shaped Wreath

38cm x 25cm – R350
45cm x 25cm* – R450
60cm x 70cm – R1200


Ring Wreath

30cm* – R350
45cm* – R450
60cm* – R850


Altar Wreath

Single Tray – R450

Upright Wreath

Small – R350
Medium – R550
Large – R650

Pillar Posy

Small Vase – R450
Medium Vase – R600
Large Vase – R800

New Year 2020

50% Discount

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